ISO-CUBE Trio with giants

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All three ISO-CUBEs in standard and Giant sizes.

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Get all three standard size ISO-CUBEs along with their giant counterparts. The original ISO-CUBE, designed for drawing cubes and cylinders; the ISO-CUBE Squares, designed for drawing cubes and rectilinear cut-outs; and the ISO-CUBE Trellis, designed for drawing cubes and intricate frames and trellis-like designs. By utilising the shapes of these tools, and their cut-outs, you’ll be able to accurately draw 3D objects in isometric projection, with ease. With the addition of the 4:1 scaled up Giant versions, you’ll be able to model and teach isometric drawing on a whiteboard, at the front of a class. The rubber feet on the cube help to alleviate pen marks, and stop the tool sliding around whilst in use.


  • 1x ISO-CUBE Classic
  • 1x Giant ISO-CUBE Classic – with rubber feet
  • 1x ISO-CUBE Squares
  • 1x Giant ISO-CUBE Squares – with rubber feet
  • 1x ISO-CUBE Trellis
  • 1x Giant ISO-CUBE Trellis – with rubber feet


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