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We’ve Sponsored the Design and Technology Roadshow

We’ve Sponsored the Design and Technology Roadshow

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have chosen to sponsor Paul and Julie Boyd’s Design and Technology (D&T) Roadshow. Every delegate that attends one of the courses will receive an ISO-CUBE.

One of the biggest aims of the ISO-CUBE was to create a tool that would make isometric drawing easier, faster and more cost effective – especially within schools, and it was designed by Neal Turner, full time teacher, with this at its core.

The D&T Roadshow is a fantastic idea, and is very successful:

“The D&T Roadshows are our largest events and are more of a mini conference than a course with the aim of brining D&T teachers together to celebrate D&T with the chance to learn, play and network at the same time”

“The D&T Roadshows are a low cost event with the aim of supporting teachers whose schools have a limited budget or who are funding themselves.” – with similar core values, it made sense for us to support this fantastic event. We want to spread the word about the ISO-CUBE, and make it accessible to all educators.

If you want to find out more about the D&T Roadshow, check out the website, Facebook, or Twitter.